Located in Horcón Bajo between Pisco Elqui and Alcohuaz in the Elqui Valley, one of the most peaceful andbeautiful places in is complex Cabañas Faro del Valle, surrounded by high mountains and beautiful scenery, where the mountains and rivers have hands. It is a privileged place among the hills that seem to embrace under the cleanest and incredibly starry skies in the world you could imagine. It is ideal to relax and connect with nature, and our cabins captivate you in a haven for rest and relaxation. In this magical place, our guests sleep in the starry nights with the crickets signing and wake upto the song of the bird species that inhabit this privileged place. There are 365 days to rest between the valleys, fresh air, sun and the best skies in the world and in Cabañas Faro del Valle, certainly, you will find a place to relax, have fun, and heal.

We invite you to enjoy Mother Nature and all our hospitality.

Faro del Valle will find:

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     coffee shop
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    Bike Rental